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Minneapolis [USA]
DJ Spree at the mixer live in NYC


DJ Spree is a rave legend, one of the original high-energy happy hardcore providers in North America.

Back in the late 90s, your North America Happy Hardcore options were Anabolic Frolic in Toronto, Paulina Taylor in LA, Phil Free Art (RIP) in Chicago, and Mupp*tfu*ker in Texas. Living in Minneapolis, the only way I would hear Happy Hardcore on a big system was to play it myself. So many great DJs and producers in the US have since pushed the sound into what it has become today.

Since 1997 Spree has painted smiles across thousands of kids faces as a headliner in virtually every major US and Canadian city. He is known for anthem filled sets packed to the top with classic and current cuts. Spree has been top billed for decades alongside UK hardcore heavyweights such as Hixxy, Brisk, Ham, Sharkey, Nobody, Rise, Jimni Cricket, Maromi, Sy, and many more.


Kung Fu Hardcore Robots: The ...
Spree & The Kandi Kid Assassin | 2020
spree_vs_jimni_cricket_2020 play_arrow
DJ Spree Vs Jimnicricket ...
Spree & Jimni Cricket | 2020
festival_of_friendship play_arrow
Festival Of Friendship
Spree & Squiggles | 2020
SpreeXMaromi_PP_1000px-v2 play_arrow
Pandemonium Pendulum!
Maromi & Spree | 2020
cowboy_funk_mix_spree play_arrow
Spree | 2017
Spree_-_Timid_-_MC_ADB_-_Live_-_Minneapolis_MN_-_Dreamscape_040806_remaster play_arrow
Live in Minneapolis, MN @ ...
Spree, Timid, & MC ADB | 2006
Spree_-_Cloudskipper_-_MC_ADB_-_-Live_-_Detroit_-_Chose_Your_Poison_33101-1 play_arrow
Live in Detroit @ Chose Your ...
Spree, Cloudskipper & MC ADB | 2001
Spree_-_Cloudskipper_-_MC_ADB_-_-Live_-_Detroit_-_Chose_Your_Poison_33101-2 play_arrow
Live in Detroit @ Chose Your ...
Spree, Cloudskipper & MC ADB | 2001
Spree_-_Cloudskipper_-_Live_-_Seattle_WA_-_Temptation_021601_Part1 play_arrow
Live in Seattle, WA @ ...
Spree & Cloudskipper | 2001
Spree_-_Cloudskipper_-_Live_-_Seattle_WA_-_Temptation_021601_Part2 play_arrow
Live in Seattle, WA @ ...
Spree & Cloudskipper | 2001
Spree_-_Valerie_Sparks_-_MC_ADB_Live_-_Lexington_KY_-_Higher_020201_remaster play_arrow
Live in Lexington, KY @ Higher...
Spree, Valerie Sparks & MC ADB | 2001
Live in LA @ The Fox Theater ...
Spree & Cloudskipper | 2000



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