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Heartless Promo Mix – NYC Feb 13, 2016

Spree | February 13, 2016
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Promo mix for my set coming up in NYC at Heartless on Feb 13, 2016!


Animation (ft. Diamond Eyes) – Xilent, Diamond Eyes
Raving Drug (Spree Edit) – MARK BREEZE
Love You Everyday – Gammer & Whizzkid
Salvation – AB
Paranior (Powerstom Melbourne Remix – Spree Edit) Overdrive
Frozen (Heart Of Ice) (Spree Edit) – Eufeion
Shake It – Joey Riot Vs Cullen
Breathe – (Raver Baby Mix) Al Storm & Euphony feat Danielle
Hardcore Hustler (Hardcorevolution Mix) – Scott Brown
Before The Sun (Spree Edit) – Darren Styles feat. Gavin Beach